Tuesday, 10 July 2012

#dwsr: Glamorgan Building: 21st April 2012

Doctor Who filming
Glamorgan Building, Cardiff
21st April 2012
WARNING: Spoilers Sweetie.  Highlight the white text if you really want to know.

  My first night shoot (and something I wouldn’t do that often.)  Cardiff at night is beautiful, cold and ever so slightly weird.  There’s just something about a city at night that makes me wary, oh well, we were in the presence of Alex Kingston so it was all worth it.
Opposite the set

  Yes, after parking fifteen minutes away when I meant to park only five minutes away, walking to Cardiff Museum and then hesitating before finding more fans, we eventually made it to set where we could just about see Alex Kingston across the road.  Now, the previous week had been the filming in New York with the casting call for a double of Alex… yeah, the man in a curly blond wig apparently.

   From what we could see they were re-shooting that scene with the actual Alex and a Matt double (no idea why they couldn’t use the actual Matt.)  So anyway, they were shooting some scenes with extras at the start, right near us actually and using fake rain.  (Wales, Cardiff, had been raining during the day.  So they faked it.  Not even going to question it.)  And then while nobody was looking (sneaky BBC,) they moved the statues closer and closer, succeeding in freaking me out at least.

   About an hour after we got there, Karen and Arthur arrived.  It was quite fun to see Karen greeting her on-screen daughter with a loud “Hi!” and running over to Alex, Arthur was more quiet (can’t blame the guy, it was bedtime for most of us.)  Then they ran through a scene which had some interesting dialogue:
Alex and Karen rehearsing


SPOILERS:  Amy – “Why did you lie?”

So that was it for the night shoot, we were only there for the one scene before we got too tired to stay any longer.  From other reports they had Alex in a gangster outfit for the next scene they did.  

#dwsr Mount Stuart Square/Coal Exchange: 6th April 2012

Doctor Who filming
Mount Stuart Square/Coal Exchange, Cardiff Bay
6th April 2012
WARNING: This post contains spoilers in white text.  If you wish to read them, highlight the section.


    Following on from the previous day, we worked on a hunch.  From my previous experience on a film set, I knew that they would likely use the same area all at once before moving onto a different place.  Bute Esplanade was clear when we arrived, no cones or any other markers that would indicate filming later on but, as we walked around the bay, we did spot cones outside the Coal Exchange.

    It didn’t look like much was going on so we decided to have a coffee (and in my case, check Twitter for clues.)  While we were in Starbucks, who did we bump into? Karen Gillan.  It was a surprise and Karen was lovely while Dani had a photo with her (I would have but Karen was with someone and had a coffee and I didn’t want to take up too much of her time.)  So after seeing Karen we figured out there might be filming soon.

   An hour later (soon-ish then) and we were watching as Arthur Darvill was filmed getting onto a London bus.
  SPOILERS:  Arthur was carrying an envelope which was later confirmed to be containing divorce papers for Rory and Amelia Williams.  We were all shocked, but it tied in with the storming out from the day before.
Arthur between takes
   That was done a few times and we were asked to move while they shot the scene from another angle.  Then they moved to the Coal Exchange where Matt and Karen arrived in style.  Matt waved to us all as he was quickly ushered to the interior of the building and we stuck around for another hour and a half before heading back to the car. 
Matt waving as he and Karen walked to the set

   From reports of the others that were there, filming continued until the early hours of the morning.

For more pictures from the day, click here:  http://doctorwhosetreportphotos.shutterfly.com/pictures/316

Saturday, 7 July 2012

#dwsr: Bute Esplanade - 5th April 2012

Doctor Who filming
Bute Esplanade, Cardiff Bay
5th April 2012
WARNING: This post contains spoilers in white text.  If you wish to read them, highlight the section. 
  This was far from my first attempt at watching the filming of Doctor Who but it was my first successful attempt.  Before Bute Esplanade I had visited Southerndown, Penarth and Cardiff but due to a combination of a lack of confidence, bad weather and simple timing issues I didn’t stay and watch.  This is what led to me promising that the next time I got word of filming I would stay.

  Lo and behold, two days after I made that promise I found out on Twitter that there was filming at Bute Esplanade that day.  Good thing it was the Easter holidays for me and I had the entire day (turns out I didn’t need that long but whatever, it was a good day.)  The weather was good, bit cold but that’s to be expected, lucky for me and Dani there’s a cheap car park right next to the location. 

   So we park up and almost immediately see the TARDIS in the playground by the houses.  I paid up for twenty-four hours, overkill but at least that way I wasn’t going to just leave early. And we decided to take a walk around to see if there were any good spots with a clear view of the location itself.  After all of that we just decided to stick by the wall that separated the houses from the field and car park, mostly because we weren’t sure which way the cameras would be facing but also partly because we had a good view from where we were.
  It was another hour before things really started to get interesting, Dani nudged me while I was checking Twitter for information and pointed towards the house.  “It’s Karen, she’s just appeared.”  Of course me being me, I didn’t notice Karen at all (which, if you know what Karen Gillan looks like, is pretty hard to do) until Arthur turned up a few minutes later.

  We watched for a while but couldn’t see much so I suggested moving along the wall to a spot where we got a much better view.  From here we could make out dialogue and try and piece together the scene itself.  For the next hour we watched Karen and Arthur wave at the TARDIS then talk to each other before Karen went inside and Arthur did this funny little dance/jump before following her.
Karen and Arthur before a rehearsal

  Then they went off for break and I went to get more batteries from the car before they got back.  What we saw next caused a few wide-eyed looks and worried theorising in the car.

 SPOILERS: Arthur stormed out of the house with his coat in his hands as Karen followed him and yelled “I hate this!” as he walked down the street, then Karen started crying. 

   They repeated that for another half an hour before wrapping for the day.
  All in all, the first set reporting experience was something I thoroughly enjoyed and something I would (and do) continue to do. 

For more photos from the day, click here:  http://doctorwhosetreportphotos.shutterfly.com/pictures/8