Tuesday, 10 July 2012

#dwsr: Glamorgan Building: 21st April 2012

Doctor Who filming
Glamorgan Building, Cardiff
21st April 2012
WARNING: Spoilers Sweetie.  Highlight the white text if you really want to know.

  My first night shoot (and something I wouldn’t do that often.)  Cardiff at night is beautiful, cold and ever so slightly weird.  There’s just something about a city at night that makes me wary, oh well, we were in the presence of Alex Kingston so it was all worth it.
Opposite the set

  Yes, after parking fifteen minutes away when I meant to park only five minutes away, walking to Cardiff Museum and then hesitating before finding more fans, we eventually made it to set where we could just about see Alex Kingston across the road.  Now, the previous week had been the filming in New York with the casting call for a double of Alex… yeah, the man in a curly blond wig apparently.

   From what we could see they were re-shooting that scene with the actual Alex and a Matt double (no idea why they couldn’t use the actual Matt.)  So anyway, they were shooting some scenes with extras at the start, right near us actually and using fake rain.  (Wales, Cardiff, had been raining during the day.  So they faked it.  Not even going to question it.)  And then while nobody was looking (sneaky BBC,) they moved the statues closer and closer, succeeding in freaking me out at least.

   About an hour after we got there, Karen and Arthur arrived.  It was quite fun to see Karen greeting her on-screen daughter with a loud “Hi!” and running over to Alex, Arthur was more quiet (can’t blame the guy, it was bedtime for most of us.)  Then they ran through a scene which had some interesting dialogue:
Alex and Karen rehearsing


SPOILERS:  Amy – “Why did you lie?”

So that was it for the night shoot, we were only there for the one scene before we got too tired to stay any longer.  From other reports they had Alex in a gangster outfit for the next scene they did.  

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