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#dwsr Mount Stuart Square/Coal Exchange: 6th April 2012

Doctor Who filming
Mount Stuart Square/Coal Exchange, Cardiff Bay
6th April 2012
WARNING: This post contains spoilers in white text.  If you wish to read them, highlight the section.


    Following on from the previous day, we worked on a hunch.  From my previous experience on a film set, I knew that they would likely use the same area all at once before moving onto a different place.  Bute Esplanade was clear when we arrived, no cones or any other markers that would indicate filming later on but, as we walked around the bay, we did spot cones outside the Coal Exchange.

    It didn’t look like much was going on so we decided to have a coffee (and in my case, check Twitter for clues.)  While we were in Starbucks, who did we bump into? Karen Gillan.  It was a surprise and Karen was lovely while Dani had a photo with her (I would have but Karen was with someone and had a coffee and I didn’t want to take up too much of her time.)  So after seeing Karen we figured out there might be filming soon.

   An hour later (soon-ish then) and we were watching as Arthur Darvill was filmed getting onto a London bus.
  SPOILERS:  Arthur was carrying an envelope which was later confirmed to be containing divorce papers for Rory and Amelia Williams.  We were all shocked, but it tied in with the storming out from the day before.
Arthur between takes
   That was done a few times and we were asked to move while they shot the scene from another angle.  Then they moved to the Coal Exchange where Matt and Karen arrived in style.  Matt waved to us all as he was quickly ushered to the interior of the building and we stuck around for another hour and a half before heading back to the car. 
Matt waving as he and Karen walked to the set

   From reports of the others that were there, filming continued until the early hours of the morning.

For more pictures from the day, click here:  http://doctorwhosetreportphotos.shutterfly.com/pictures/316

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