Friday, 17 August 2012

Game Review - The Lion King (Sega Genesis)

Title:  The Lion King
Release Date: 1994
Developer: Virgin Interactive
Platform: Sega Genesis (US) Mega Drive (UK/Europe)
Genre: Platformer

Thursday, 9 August 2012

#dwsr - Fields Park Road, Newport

Doctor Who Filming
Fields Park Road, Newport

To most people, standing on the side of a road for more than seven hours probably isn't their idea of fun.  But to the set reporting crowd (those of us who were there) it was quite a fun experience.

Myself, @daniishep and @timelordinabox were there extremely early (about 10:30am.) We didn't expect to see much but got one hell of a surprise when we saw Matt Smith's car pull up alongside us and Matt coming towards us.  We all had our cameras out but none of us took photos despite him literally being next to us.  Doesn't matter though because as he passed us he waved a little and said "Hi guys!" to which we managed a quiet little "Hi." in return.

We figured they were breaking for lunch so we did the same and when we got back, @tlchimera, @gabundy and @BBC_Fangirl were there.

For the rest of the day, all we saw were people coming from and going to the set.  So not much to report on this one I'm afraid.  Well, other than a group of guest stars which makes this episode look pretty cool.
Jenna eating her lunch.
Vastra (Neve McIntosh)

Tom Ward

Liz White (Annie Cartwright from Life on Mars)

For more photos:

  @tlchimera's blog


Friday, 3 August 2012

#dwsr - Llantrisant. 6th July

Doctor Who filming
6th July 2012
Another stormy day.  They had started filming in the morning but due to several factors including problems with my car I didn’t arrive until the afternoon.

Close up of Jenna

About twenty minutes after I got there, Matt and Jenna returned after their lunch break.  By all accounts the morning filming had been the bulk of the shots and the afternoon was just the leftovers.  I couldn’t stay long but did manage to get some photos of Jenna in her costume.

Jenna in her Victorian dress

For a more in-depth report:                                                                                    

#dwsr - Bute Esplanade. 7th June

Doctor Who filming
Bute Esplanade, Cardiff Bay
7th June 2012
After the departure of Karen and Arthur, nobody really expected to hear that they were on set again.  It had been confirmed by both of them that they had finished filming for Doctor Who so it came as a shock to everybody to hear they had been spotted doing pickups for episode four (The Power of Three.)

Matt waiting for the take

 It was a very wet and cold day in the middle of period of stormy weather when I heard they would be at Bute Esplanade again.  I had recently moved home from university and saw this as a good opportunity to get out and see my friends again.

Matt in some rather fetching rainproofs
 The grass was slippery and it was very muddy but I stuck it out until it got far too wet to stay longer.  Matt ran through a scene of him knocking on the Pond’s front door before walking to the TARDIS a few times and from other accounts of the filming after the break, he was then phoning them while perched on top of the TARDIS.

#dwsr- Margam Country Park. 31st May

Doctor Who Filming
Margam Country Park, Port Talbot
31st May 2012


They had been filming here the day before but due to time constraints I was unable to stay and watch. 

In a stark contrast to the 30th May which was sunny and warm.  The 31st was instead cold, wet and windy.  I knew it would be a late shoot so in addition to the bad weather it was also quite dark. 

When I arrived they were still setting up so I walked around the park, trying to see if there was anywhere I could stand that wouldn’t result in me getting soaked to the bone.  As it happens, there were a few trees that I found shelter under just before Matt turned up and they started shooting. 

 The rain made it hard to see what was going on but from what I could make out it was a short scene involving Matt and Jenna talking to some other women before leaving.

A farewell hug at the end of the episode?

Matt and Jenna mid-walk

As the night wore on, the rain got worse and I eventually had to leave as the park was about to close and I was too cold and wet to stick around.  They moved location up to the front of the manor house from what I could tell.

#dwsr - Bute Esplanade. 4th May

Doctor Who filming.
Bute Esplanade, Cardiff Bay.
4th May 2012
WARNING:  Spoilers in white text.  Highlight to read.


After a few weeks of little activity, this location was announced on the #dwsr tag.  It was late afternoon and Dani was in work when I found out, of course I waited for her and we went straight to the location (managing to avoid the bulk of rush hour traffic thankfully.)

  When we arrived, we saw Mark Williams (of Harry Potter fame) chatting to Arthur and Karen outside while the crew set up the shot. 

Arthur, Mark and Karen having a laugh

  There was already a crowd gathering so we, once again, stood near the wall.  From our position, I managed to get a few close ups as they recorded a scene that had Arthur and Karen in their dressing gowns while talking to Mark from the upstairs window.
Arthur and Karen rehearsing

  About halfway through my camera ran out of batteries and so I left to get some more.  When I came back, Mark and Karen were singing the first few lines of “Tomorrow” from ‘Annie’ as the crew adjusted the crane and the cameras.

  We moved to a different section of the wall and I took a few wide shots of the complete scene before Matt arrived on set.  We knew he would be there as the TARDIS was under a nearby tree and I got this gem of a video while he was messing around


Matt then climbed up into one of the trees (prompting a few mutters of “They’re seriously putting him in a tree?”  Come on, we all know how clumsy Matt Smith can be) and they filmed a few of his scenes.

Matt posing by the TARDIS

SPOILERS:  The Doctor: You lot! Can’t leave you alone can I?  (or something along those lines)

 Then it started to get quite cold so we headed back to the car and I managed to get a few last shots before we left.