Friday, 3 August 2012

#dwsr - Bute Esplanade. 4th May

Doctor Who filming.
Bute Esplanade, Cardiff Bay.
4th May 2012
WARNING:  Spoilers in white text.  Highlight to read.


After a few weeks of little activity, this location was announced on the #dwsr tag.  It was late afternoon and Dani was in work when I found out, of course I waited for her and we went straight to the location (managing to avoid the bulk of rush hour traffic thankfully.)

  When we arrived, we saw Mark Williams (of Harry Potter fame) chatting to Arthur and Karen outside while the crew set up the shot. 

Arthur, Mark and Karen having a laugh

  There was already a crowd gathering so we, once again, stood near the wall.  From our position, I managed to get a few close ups as they recorded a scene that had Arthur and Karen in their dressing gowns while talking to Mark from the upstairs window.
Arthur and Karen rehearsing

  About halfway through my camera ran out of batteries and so I left to get some more.  When I came back, Mark and Karen were singing the first few lines of “Tomorrow” from ‘Annie’ as the crew adjusted the crane and the cameras.

  We moved to a different section of the wall and I took a few wide shots of the complete scene before Matt arrived on set.  We knew he would be there as the TARDIS was under a nearby tree and I got this gem of a video while he was messing around


Matt then climbed up into one of the trees (prompting a few mutters of “They’re seriously putting him in a tree?”  Come on, we all know how clumsy Matt Smith can be) and they filmed a few of his scenes.

Matt posing by the TARDIS

SPOILERS:  The Doctor: You lot! Can’t leave you alone can I?  (or something along those lines)

 Then it started to get quite cold so we headed back to the car and I managed to get a few last shots before we left.


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