Friday, 3 August 2012

#dwsr - Bute Esplanade. 7th June

Doctor Who filming
Bute Esplanade, Cardiff Bay
7th June 2012
After the departure of Karen and Arthur, nobody really expected to hear that they were on set again.  It had been confirmed by both of them that they had finished filming for Doctor Who so it came as a shock to everybody to hear they had been spotted doing pickups for episode four (The Power of Three.)

Matt waiting for the take

 It was a very wet and cold day in the middle of period of stormy weather when I heard they would be at Bute Esplanade again.  I had recently moved home from university and saw this as a good opportunity to get out and see my friends again.

Matt in some rather fetching rainproofs
 The grass was slippery and it was very muddy but I stuck it out until it got far too wet to stay longer.  Matt ran through a scene of him knocking on the Pond’s front door before walking to the TARDIS a few times and from other accounts of the filming after the break, he was then phoning them while perched on top of the TARDIS.

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