Thursday, 9 August 2012

#dwsr - Fields Park Road, Newport

Doctor Who Filming
Fields Park Road, Newport

To most people, standing on the side of a road for more than seven hours probably isn't their idea of fun.  But to the set reporting crowd (those of us who were there) it was quite a fun experience.

Myself, @daniishep and @timelordinabox were there extremely early (about 10:30am.) We didn't expect to see much but got one hell of a surprise when we saw Matt Smith's car pull up alongside us and Matt coming towards us.  We all had our cameras out but none of us took photos despite him literally being next to us.  Doesn't matter though because as he passed us he waved a little and said "Hi guys!" to which we managed a quiet little "Hi." in return.

We figured they were breaking for lunch so we did the same and when we got back, @tlchimera, @gabundy and @BBC_Fangirl were there.

For the rest of the day, all we saw were people coming from and going to the set.  So not much to report on this one I'm afraid.  Well, other than a group of guest stars which makes this episode look pretty cool.
Jenna eating her lunch.
Vastra (Neve McIntosh)

Tom Ward

Liz White (Annie Cartwright from Life on Mars)

For more photos:

  @tlchimera's blog


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