Friday, 3 August 2012

#dwsr- Margam Country Park. 31st May

Doctor Who Filming
Margam Country Park, Port Talbot
31st May 2012


They had been filming here the day before but due to time constraints I was unable to stay and watch. 

In a stark contrast to the 30th May which was sunny and warm.  The 31st was instead cold, wet and windy.  I knew it would be a late shoot so in addition to the bad weather it was also quite dark. 

When I arrived they were still setting up so I walked around the park, trying to see if there was anywhere I could stand that wouldn’t result in me getting soaked to the bone.  As it happens, there were a few trees that I found shelter under just before Matt turned up and they started shooting. 

 The rain made it hard to see what was going on but from what I could make out it was a short scene involving Matt and Jenna talking to some other women before leaving.

A farewell hug at the end of the episode?

Matt and Jenna mid-walk

As the night wore on, the rain got worse and I eventually had to leave as the park was about to close and I was too cold and wet to stick around.  They moved location up to the front of the manor house from what I could tell.

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