Sunday, 23 September 2012

T.V Review: Doctor Who - The Power of Three

Title: The Power of Three
Air Date: 22nd September 2012
Writer: Chris Chibnall

An alien invasion from the point of view of the companions and humanity in general.  Sounds exactly like every other alien invasion doesn't it? But it's not.  And it isn't really about the alien invasion either.  With only one week to go until we witness the departure of Amy and Rory, this episode really digs deep to explore what their lives are really like.  After all, they don't travel with the Doctor 24/7.

Ignoring the cheesy title, 'The Power of Three' is more like a typical soap opera than the big flashy explosions and huge monsters that normally feature in an episode of Doctor Who.  This isn't the first time the Doctor has been stuck on Earth of course, Jon Pertwee's era was almost entirely based on Earth and I have to say, the Doctor handled this type of thing much better when he was younger.  

 As with a lot of Chris Chibnall's episodes, Amy and Rory's relationship is the focus.  That's not a bad thing, fleshing out the companions is very important in this show and has become even more important since the revival in 2005.  The 'classic' Doctors never visited the companion's family but that all changed with Rose Tyler's frequent visits to her mother, Jackie.  Speaking of parents, Brian Williams (played by Mark Williams) makes a return appearance here and we can easily see where Rory got most of his personality traits from.  

 The whole alien invasion plot seems very much added in at the last minute, it's got a great build-up but then it ends not with a bang but with a whimper.  And that's disappointing yes but, like I said, that isn't the point of the episode.  It's nice to have a break in the storm as it were, an episode that will make you laugh but then keeps reminding you 'not long now, just one week.' 

 There are a fair few nods to the older episodes, K-9 gets a mention and there is the new head of UNIT who will bring a tear to the eyes of any fan once she reveals who she is.  

'The Power of Three' is a lull in the action, it's utterly domestic and funny and heartbreaking because we all know it isn't long now until we have to say goodbye to the Ponds and welcome in Jenna-Louise Coleman as the new companion.  That's why this episode is good, it gives us a chance to see what happens when the companions leave the Doctor on their own terms, we've seen Amy and Rory grow from the naive and unsure couple in series 5, to the confident and brave couple in series 6 and now here.  

And so I say, to Amy and Rory Pond, go out with a bang because you deserve it.

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  1. George Potter28/10/2012, 02:38

    Nice review. This was actually my favorite of the not-quite-half series for a lot of reasons. I seem to be the only fan on the planet who wasn't bothered at all by the hastily wrapped up Shakri business (I found it perfectly in keeping with the tone and intent of the episode) and feel there was just as much emotion as humor. It also was Amy and Rory's finest hour as a couple (in acting and chemistry terms) and Brian turning out to be the perfect companion (he didn't wander off, did exactly as asked and stayed carefully out of danger) was one of the cleverest bits of the show in ages. :)



    1. Thanks for the comment. I wasn't too bothered by that either, actually I would've liked an episode with no aliens at all which just focused on the relationships and the human side of the show. I agree, this was the high point for both Amy and Rory and of course Brian is automatically amazing. :)