Thursday, 4 October 2012

Book Review: Melody Malone: The Angel's Kiss

Title: Melody Malone: The Angel's Kiss
Publisher: BBC Books
Format: E-book


If that cover looks familiar to any of you, yes it is the book the Doctor was reading in 'The Angels Take Manhattan'.  Well, it's the same cover at least.  The actual story is different.

Written in first person from the perspective of 'Melody Malone' aka River Song aka Melody Pond (confused yet?)  'The Angel's Kiss' is basically a very formulaic mystery that doesn't hold many twists in the plot, well, it's not supposed to be something deep to make you think after all.

It's short and sweet, and having River narrating is refreshing and fun.  We get to see how she views things for a change and if anyone is reading this thinking 'Oh no, River's mysterious nature is gone!' well, it isn't.  Believe me, River Song is still the River we all know and love even after a brief stay in her head.  Apart from the actual story, which is short but fun, there are some little bits in the 'About the Author' section that are sure to get a few giggles.  

For those of you expecting the exact same book as the Doctor has, then just go and watch the episode.  Why would you want to read what you've already seen on the screen anyway? Well okay, I'd like that too but my point is that this is a tie-in, not an adaption.

So this book, which is more in the vein of the 'Quick Reads' series from the BBC, is well worth it's price tag if you're looking for something fun that'll take your mind off things.  Like most of the Doctor Who books, it is something tailored specifically to the fans but that's not a bad thing.  So if you like Doctor Who and you like River Song, pick this up.  The story might not be fantastic but River's little comments make up for that.

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  1. Loved the review. I'm looking forward buying it XD