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#dwsr Beatty Avenue, Cardiff - 10th October

Doctor Who filming
Beatty Avenue, Cardiff
10th October 2012
WARNING: Spoilers in white text.  Highlight to read.

Matt on the laptop.

After a long wait for more filming news, it was discovered that this week the cast and crew were out and about in Cardiff.

Reading the script

Tonight was the only night I could make it and they got quite a bit done in the short time I was there.  The scene was basically Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) talking to the Doctor from an attic window.  There's something to do with a robot too.

Sonicing the robot

The scene they ran through tonight involved a lot of talking, so for those who don't want to be spoiled just don't highlight the following section:

(Doctor is on a laptop by the TARDIS)

CLARA: Hello?

DOCTOR: Hello! Ha! Are you alright?

CLARA: I'm in bed


CLARA: (Inaudible)


CLARA: Any messages?

DOCTOR: Ooh, quite a lot. 
(He walks to the door with a notepad)

DOCTOR: Angie called, she's staying at Nina's.  Apparantly that shouldn't be a problem, stop going on at her! Uh, your dad called, had a moan.  He seemed very cross with the government, I wrote two pages down.  I found a disassembled quadracycle in the garage.  I've indexed the kitchen cupboards and optimised the photosynthesis in the flowerbed. Oh, and I fixed that rattling noise in the washing machine.  

(He walks back to the TARDIS and sits down again)

CLARA: Are you guarding me?

DOCTOR: Yes I am

CLARA: (Inaudible)

DOCTOR: Oh I should say so yes (inaudible)

CLARA: Are you seriously going to stay there all night?

DOCTOR: Yep, I promised.  I won't budge from this spot.

CLARA: I'll just have to come to you then.

DOCTOR: Eh. what?

Jenna at the window

From reports of the previous night shoots in the week, this is Clara's first time in the TARDIS, episode 6.

And here's a video (no sound) of the scene.  It's shot twice:

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