Saturday, 27 October 2012

#dwsr Rupert Brooke Drive - 27th October

Doctor Who filming
Rupert Brooke Drive
27th October 2012


Matt's stunt double.

Not much to tell here I'm afraid. I arrived at half past 11 this morning and after struggling to find a parking space, eventually reached the set.

The house they were using had black drapes on both upstairs windows, so they were doing interior shots and there's never much to report in that case.  There was no sign of Jenna Louise Coleman at all so it's a safe bet she's not in the scenes that were filmed today.

The set.

The weather, although sunny, was working against us and only ten minutes after I arrived I started to feel the cold. I stuck it out for another half an hour or so but nothing was happening and they were starting to pack up.

Setting up the shot.

The most interesting thing about today was the absence of Matt Smith, instead we had his stunt double.  From what we could see, it appears this episode (episode 7) has bits of it set in the 70s/80s, or at least that's what the clothing style looked like.

Just about to start packing up.

Today looked like it was just bits they'd missed, as earlier in the week they shot outside (check the #dwsr tag on twitter for full information on that.)

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