Friday, 19 October 2012

Event: The Doctor Who Experience

Event: Doctor Who Experience
Location: Cardiff Bay

And so it begins...

I'd heard good things about this event and at last I was finally able to see it all myself.  I arrived early so I decided to take a look around the shop (and promptly knew what money I had with me wasn't going to be there for very long) and the props that were in the lobby area.

Lego Dalek.


River's stuff.

Disembodied Cyberman head by the cafe.
We were scheduled to go in at 1pm but went into the interactive bit a little earlier.  Since there were only five people it all went quite quickly but having said that, there was a lot to take in and it was just the most amazing experience I've had so far in my life.  I'm not going to spoil it, but I will put this one line:

DOCTOR: Oh you're not even Rory!

So after the interactive adventure you come out into the exhibit area and if you're anything like me and you tend to absorb information like a sponge (hey, it's got to be useful at some point.  Like a pub quiz.) then this will be the cave of wonders.  Here's a selection of what there is to see:

Concept art wall.

Matt's hand prints

Creepy 11 waxwork and TARDIS

Original and replica Doctor outfits

New series 7 stuff

The old TARDIS interior

Sonic collection

Some monsters

Companion outfits, from the beloved

To the new

The amazing

The mysterious

And finally the one who brought it back.

A good majority of the props are the originals, worn and used by the cast themselves.  The sheer size of some of them make them a lot scarier than they can appear on TV.  Especially the new Daleks and the robot from 'Robot'.

All in all, this was certainly worth the ticket price (£13 advance/£15 on the door) and I would go again tomorrow if I could.  I'll be visiting again soon though, no doubt about it.

For more photos:

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