Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Film Review - The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Title:  The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Release Date: 14th August 1975
Principal Cast: Tim Curry, Barry Bostwick, Susan Sarandon
Rating: 15

Now why would I review something like this and why now?  It's an old film and everyone knows about it through pop cultural osmosis.  Well yes, but it is Halloween this week and although this isn't a horror film it is something commonly seen at this time of year.  

I'll say this, Rocky Horror is not for everyone.  You have to have a certain personality and sense of humour to enjoy this for what it is.  You can't take it seriously at all, if you do then you won't enjoy it.  Rocky Horror isn't serious, it's fun, so try not to watch it with the intention of taking away any sort of new outlook on life.

Normally I would try and avoid mentioning the actual plot in case I spoiled someone but here I'll give you the bare bones at least.

Brad (Bostwick) and Janet (Sarandon) are a young couple living in America.  On a trip to see their old college tutor they get a flat tyre and have to ask for help at a nearby castle, the home of Dr. Frank N' Furter (Curry)  Then some really strange stuff happens.

The film is memorable because of the songs.  I'm sure most people have heard of the 'Time Warp' yes? Well that comes from here and makes about as much sense as you'd expect from a film like Rocky Horror.  It's not great as a film, I'll admit that.  I'm sure the stage version works better but since I haven't seen it then I can't make any judgement on it.

Having said that, Rocky Horror may not fit the classical definition of 'good' but it does entertain, so in that respect I have to say that it works incredibly well.  You will laugh, maybe only out of disbelief, but still.

So go and see it, even if you're only doing it because you want to know what the cult following is talking about.  You might turn to your friends and wonder about their mental health after it but at least now you know what they're on about when they talk about Transylvanian Transvestites. 

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