Tuesday, 9 October 2012

T.V Review: Red Dwarf X - Trojan

Title: Trojan
Air Date: 4th October 2012
Writer: Doug Naylor

After the poorly received 'Back to Earth' special in Easter 2009, the future looked bleak for the crew of Red Dwarf.  The announcement of a new series was met with mixed views, with some fans worried that it wouldn't live up to the golden era of the show.

They didn't need to worry.

The humour seems to be similar to what it used to be in Series five and six, with more in the vein of comments rather than outright jokes.  It's good to see that the cast haven't lost any of their camaraderie and despite looking older, there hasn't been much change at all.

For a show like Red Dwarf, too much change can be a bad thing.  The show is, in essence, a sit-com.  It relies on the characters situations to provide the humour and maybe this is why 'Back to Earth' didn't do too well.  Of course, I'm not saying there aren't any changes.  The set has been updated (at least they're not spending the entire series on Starbug again) and obviously the graphics are better than they were in the 90's. Other than that, there is the minor gripe of no Holly.  We've got Lister, Rimmer, Cat and Kryten but there's no sign of Holly anywhere, hopefully he/she'll turn up later in the series.

There is a lot of continuity in this episode and that really does help to tie it into the canon of the series, so as a start 'Trojan' has given Red Dwarf a new lease of life.  


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