Tuesday, 2 April 2013

#dwsr - Gnoll Country Park 2nd April 2013

Date: 2nd April 2013

Location: Ivy Tower, Gnoll Country Park, Neath


Well this was exciting.  The read-through for the 50th anniversary special was yesterday so we all knew they'd be out and about on location soon enough, although nobody knew it would be this soon.

There were reports of filming in Neath today and presumably for the rest of the week, though it was a bit confusing to find the place since the signs have changed to something like this:

Bad approximation since I forgot to take a photo
Also the roads weren't great, very small which is wonderful for me but not so good for those with large cars/the filming vans.

So, Gnoll Park itself was the apparent location and after paying the £1 car park fee (the actual park is free, you just pay to park) I wandered around for half an hour or so trying to find any sign that the crew/cast were around.  No luck I'm afraid and then I was informed by Twitter that the location was the Ivy Tower.

It's not actually part of the park, therein lies the problem of getting there.  It's a long walk uphill and I had to stop several times to let cars and vans go past.  Not that I minded because the traffic in question all came from the base.

Once I finally reached the turning (I followed the cars, it worked) there was a farmer (I think he was a farmer) who told me that it was private property and there was no way to get any closer.  So I took a few long distance photos of what I could see.

It looks like some sort of medieval/crusades tent, there was an English flag flying at least.  Here's a photo:

So after getting a few shots of the location I turned back to try and figure out how to get to the main car park.  On the way down I spotted a FATTS van:

And while I was passing, Steven Moffat got into a taxi and drove off.  No photos because I wasn't fast enough.  But it wasn't only Steven I saw today, oh no.  As I got further down the hill, both David Tennant and Matt Smith passed me on their way to set.  In different cars.

So that was the set reporting done, I couldn't get too close, I'd taken as many photos as I could and I confirmed the actors present.  Hopefully at least next time they'll be somewhere easier to get to.

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