Saturday, 13 April 2013

T.V Review- Doctor Who: Cold War

Title: Cold War
Air Date: 13th April 2013
Writer:  Mark Gatiss

This week sees the return of a classic monster who doesn't seem to have changed design much since he first appeared in the 70's.  I mean, even the Daleks got polished and got a nice new paint job but this guy, not so much.  Though I suppose that can be hand waved by the fact he's been on ice for the last five thousand years and didn't really have a chance to get some upgrades.

'Cold War' is an exercise in the minimalist.  Get monster, accidentally free monster, run.  Oh and they're stuck on a submarine that's seven hundred meters below sea level so there's no chance of a quick jaunt outside.  It's all very reminiscent of every old sci-fi/horror B movie with the added threat of nuclear war.  Did I mention the title was a reference to the actual Cold War? 

To be fair, at least there's not a deliberate bright neon sign pointing out the parallels.  The focus is firmly on running the hell away from the big green guy from Mars.  There's the standard practice of the Doctor trying to reason with the alien only instead of it blowing up in his face (literally) this time said alien actually leaves peacefully.  I know, not often that happens.

Clara gets hit rather hard with the reality of travelling with a mad man in a box in this episode but it only serves to round out her character.  She gets into mortal danger and then out of it fairly quickly which is a good thing, as well as providing the voice of reason.  So yes, Clara is still amazing, the Doctor is still insane, humans are still 'shoot first, ask questions later' and there's even Ultravox and Duran Duran.

What more could you ask for from a saturday night?

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