Saturday, 27 April 2013

T.V Review: Doctor Who: Journey to the centre of the TARDIS

Title: Journey to the centre of the TARDIS

Air Date: 27th April 2013

Writer: Stephen Thompson

Has anyone ever seen Event Horizon? Because this episode is very similar what with the salvage team and the weird as all hell geometry inside the TARDIS.

This is one of those times you think "so he really is an alien!" it's that strange.  Most of the time Matt's Doctor blunders about and acts like the goofy uncle you love but this time he's a lot more, well, there is a reason he's called 'The Oncoming Storm'.

There's lots of continuity and true to everything that's been said about this episode, we do see more of the TARDIS than before.  Sadly the swimming pool is no longer in the library but oh well, both rooms are incredibly impressive on their own (if I ever travelled with the Doctor I would never leave that library, it's huge, like, the library in Beauty and the Beast has nothing on this one.)

The monsters are terrifying without you knowing what they are (although 'Time Zombie' is a fairly accurate description.) So when the Doctor tells us who and what they are... yeah it's a chilling moment and despite knowing that everything's going to be fine you still get that moment of "Oh hell."

Clara's mystery is, in a way, solved.  I'm not telling what it is but it does lend another moment of utter confusion which really just makes you want to watch more.  All I will say is that Clara is Clara.  Unhelpful? Of course.  My job isn't to give away too much after all.  Watch and find out, because I have no idea what's going to happen.

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