Friday, 3 May 2013

#dwsr - Cwmdare Street: 2nd May 2013

Location: Cwmdare Street, Cardiff
Date: 2nd May 2013

I've not had much luck with watching any of the filming for the 50th, university deadlines and car trouble have kept me firmly grounded in Swansea.  I suppose it's good in a way, I know nothing and haven't spoiled myself (too much anyway) but on the other hand I've really missed being around the set.

So anyway, yesterday was sunny (a rarity in itself in Wales) and I had just finished my last assignment for uni.  So I treated myself to a day of standing on a street corner watching the Doctor Who team set up for a shot involving a motorbike.

It's the anti-grav bike!
When I first got there the street was empty.  No vans, no actors.  Just the security guys and a few fans.  The signs weren't even up at that point so I went to get some lunch and came back about an hour later.  

The signs were up so all I had to do was find somewhere to park, easier said than done of course, but I managed it eventually.  After ten minutes of standing around plotting my dissertation (among other things) the van carrying the bike arrived and a few minutes after that the stunt doubles were driven in.

It was at this point that we all figured that no main cast would be present but, since it wasn't cold or wet, we still stuck around to watch the action.  I had to leave before anything actually got done but @ryanfarr and @gabundy have more photos on their twitter feeds, plus an account of what they were actually shooting.

All I know is that it was something to do with Coal Hill school and Totter's lane.  

3D camera!

More photos:

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