Saturday, 11 May 2013

T.V Review: Doctor Who: Nightmare in Silver

Title: Nightmare in Silver

Air Date: 11th May 2013

Writer: Neil Gaiman

You know, the Doctor's not got much of a track record with his two arch enemies has he? I mean, he went and revived the Daleks back in 'Victory of the Daleks' (Series 5, episode 3) and here he goes and revives the Cybermen!

For a Time Lord and being supposedly smarter than most people he really doesn't show it sometimes.

So, does this live up to Gaiman's other Doctor Who episode?  Yes it does.  In a completely different way which is part of its charm.  'The Doctor's Wife' was a character study and focused on emotions and relationships, 'Nightmare in Silver' is a big explodey set-piece with lots of techno babble and Clara being amazing.

If you're already a fan of Neil Gaiman then you'll recognise a lot of his particular ways of moving the plot along, not that that's a bad thing mind you.  You may be able to recognise and figure out what's happening or going to happen but there's enough atmosphere to keep you on the edge of your seat no matter what.  The Cybermen have been upgraded and they are terrifyingly efficient now.

Unlike most penultimate episodes though, this is relatively calm.  It's not got the danger amped up to ridiculous heights or anything, it's straight-forward, easy, the calm before the storm.

We're about to find out the Doctor's secret and nothing will be the same again.

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