Tuesday, 28 January 2014

#dwsr - Cardiff City Centre - 28th January 2014

Another rainy day in Cardiff

The city centre is always going to draw a crowd, and today was no exception.  There were quite a few people milling around by the time I arrived and they had already been filming for an hour or so.

With the reveal of Peter's costume (shown HERE) last night, everyone knew that it meant they'd be out in public soon enough.  Okay so we didn't expect today but none of us are complaining.

From what I saw this looks like some sort of reunion scene (and Clara's still in her Christmas outfit) and according to others, there is a conversation between Matt Smith's eleventh Doctor and Peter Capaldi's twelfth Doctor, which is certainly an interesting thing to happen.

Reunion hug
Video of the scene (muted as always so only spoilery images): Video

More photos: Photos

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