Wednesday, 19 March 2014

#dwsr - Bute Park - 18th March 2014

Yesterday saw the Doctor Who team filming in two locations rather than the usual one. The morning was taken up by filming in the Hadyn Ellis building and the late afternoon was spent across the road in Bute Park.

When I arrived, the crew had just started to set up and were in the process of building the TARDIS:
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The park itself closed at 6 so I wasn't able to stay long.  Of course, it didn't take long for Peter and Jenna to arrive and the gathered fans to start migrating closer to the action.

We were then asked by the crew to move up to the path, which we all did and then shortly after that we were asked to move around to the other side of the set while they wrestled with a massive green screen to put behind the TARDIS:

After that it was time to actually start shooting the scene (see Ryan's twitter feed for in depth info) which was basically the Doctor and Clara talking.

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