Sunday, 4 October 2015

T.V Review - Doctor Who: Under the Lake

Title: Under the Lake
Air Date: 3rd October 2015
Writer: Toby Whithouse

If anyone has read the tenth Doctor novel 'The Feast of the Drowned' you're in good stead for this two parter. It may also remind you of such episodes as 'The Impossible Planet' and very slightly 'The Unquiet Dead'

What I'm trying to say is that it takes inspiration from everywhere and so it feels familiar, less concerned with the surprises and more concerned with simply telling a good story. Which it does fantastically well.

One thing I feel I should mention is how odd both the Doctor and Clara seem in this. It's almost like they've switched personalities, especially since the last episode. You could argue it's character development but it seems a huge jump which doesn't quite make sense. I'm sure at some point it will make sense but it is something strange.

You won't get any moments that surprise you but this doesn't need them to work. It's a ghost story and the less complicated the better in my opinion. You will probably be able to overtake the plot and the Doctor himself at a few points but again, that's not a bad thing.

A lot of the time the audience is left with questions that don't get answered but here, we have the control. We know, or at least, we can see what's going to happen and we can have a fairly good guess at how this will all be resolved.

In any case, it'll probably be something completely different that nobody expects, but hey, a moment of knowledge is good enough for now.

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