Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Game review: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Platform: XBox One, PS4

After Syndicate, Ubisoft abandoned the idea of being closer to the modern age and jumped back into what people love about this series. Now following Layla Hassan in the parallel modern storyline, Odyssey takes place in ancient Greece. Unlike other games in the series, this time you get to choose your hero: Kassandra or Alexios.

The changes are more cosmetic than anything as both siblings can make the same choices throughout the game but it does allow that bit more immersion if you’re someone who prefers playing as their preferred gender.

Let’s get into the gameplay shall we?

The inventory and level system from Origins makes a comeback which basically means you can’t be ridiculously overpowered very early on. For those who think the xp grind is boring, Ubisoft have given the option of a booster which is bought in the shop. Yes there are microtransactions in this game but they’re not mandatory.

Enemies scale to your level so you’ll always have a challenge, especially if you don’t pay attention to the map and wander into an area of high level soldiers or bandits. Of course even at low levels you can engrave your weapons and armour with certain perks that increase health, do extra damage against certain factions or even increase your assassin power. This all means that you can play this game however you like.

Ubisoft have also decided to release some DLC free so to anyone who’s done everything, there’s always another mission or challenge in the pipeline. As with any assassin’s creed game though, doing everything can take you 100+ hours easily. The map is massive and filled with locations to explore and mythical monsters to defeat.

Did anyone miss the sea shanties from Black Flag? They make a return here but this time they’re in Greek. Believe me when I say they are just as catchy as before.

The storyline is very interesting. No plot points explicitly mentioned but there are a lot of different threads to explore in a very open ended game. There’s nothing linear, you’re free to do whatever mission strand whenever you’re ready or even no missions if you fancy exploring the map first.

It’s a return to the things we all loved about the Ezio games but with added Spartan snark and an absolutely gorgeous world with so many details in it that even when you complete the story there are still historical notes to find.

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